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Ode to the White's Fusion- The Drysuit That Does it All

By Erin Boyajian

 While we all know that we can pack any drysuit, most require an unholy amount of room in our luggage. A standard drysuit tends to be bulky and cumbersome, requiring quite a bit of packing space, and as we all know with increasing baggage weight restrictions, this is an issue. 

I was diving at Dutch Springs Quarry in Pennsylvania when I ran into a friend with a White's backpack.  He had recently purchased the White's Fusion drysuit, and was elated.  I was surprised that someone could be that excited about a drysuit!
I soon understood why.  As he unpacked it with one quick pull out of the bag, the suit appeared very thin, with a stretchy skin atop a watertight under layer. He donned his underwear and slipped the suit on with ease.  After zipping up and putting on his boots, he was ready to go. Simple and light!  He moved about, putting the finishing touches on the rest of his gear, with the agility of someone in a t-shirt and jeans.  I was astonished.  My big question was, however, would this keep him warm and dry? He claimed so, but I had to find out for myself.

The first time I tried a White's Fusion was on a Northeast dive off the coast of New Jersey.  I was relieved at the ease of donning this suit on a rolling boat in rough, choppy waters. I stayed warm and dry, and also felt that I had more mobility underwater than in previous drysuits I had tried.  I was hooked.

I have been using the Fusion ever since.  Recently I was diving in Newfoundland, where the water temperature was in the low 30's.  The White's underwear and Fusion suit worked beautifully, keeping me comfortable in water temps that I thought might challenge the suit's capabilities.

What's more, because it's so packable, I bring it on warm water trips as well. It works better than packing a 5 mil along with my 3. After multiple dives and multiple days, My core temp goes down and my body is happy to see the Fusion come out of the bag.  Because the suit itself is so light, you can wear very light underwear and be extra comfortable in tropical waters. This was a lifesaver at the end of a seven day liveaboard trip in Turks and Caicos.  I also brought it to Sulawesi, Indonesia, and was quite comfortable.

I look forward to diving with the Fusion on my next trip to Papua New Guinea, thankful for this suit's ability to pull double duty in both cold and warm waters.  Thanks, White's, for making a great suit!

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It must have been a hoot

It must have been a hoot diving in that suit in Indonesia and T&C!